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    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    Twig Anatomy

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    I like rain because we get huge puddles, thunder and hail.
    We have huge puddles cause road workers built a new road and all the water stays by the side road.I ride my bike in every one and my back got soaked.
    In winter it thundered a lot. It roared and yelled, but it still was fun to listen.
    It hailed two times and both times it
     was  the size of peas and you could hear it a mile away. This is why I love winter.

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    Animals Need Trees 2

    Bears use trees for scratching posts and tp scratch their backs.


    Birds need trees to build nests and feel secure.


     Wood peckers hunt for bugs in trees.

    Giraffes have long necks to reach the leaves.

    Koalas live almost entirely in Eucalyptus trees.

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Animals Need Trees

    Beavers use trees to build dams. Dams can be up to 40 feet long and 10 feet high. They also make scent mounds that mark their territory.

    Tree Frogs have big toe pads so they can stick to trees.

    Monkeys use trees for travel. They swing from tree to tree.

    Squirrels use trees to escape from preditors and to store their food.

    Salamanders use decaying trees to hide under, to keep them cool and out of the sun.

    M Y B A N A N A S

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    It hailed and it thundered and its raining and I'm in pjs.

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Rooted Things

     This is my Science for school. These are all plants from the neighborhood. Roots are like sponges that absorb water. And if you see a bulb, think of it as a food store. Roots are also structures for the plants. They can be twice the size of the plant.

    Friday, January 8, 2010


    I just read Rascal and its a great book by Sterling North. Sterling  is a person who loved to explore, and never gave up. His book is a story of 1 year in his life as a kid. His dog Wowser found a stump that had a racoon family in it. Sterling took one of the babies and raised it in his home. This young boy was raised by his dad. He had a brother named Herschel who was away fighting in WWI. He had 2 sisters who had grown and moved away. With no one to look after him, he was very adventurous.  Of course, Rascal, his pet racoon, was always with him. At the end of the year, Sterling sets Rascal free. Rascal finds his mate, and lives happily ever after. This was a really good book even though the part about letting Rascal go was sad.

    Sterling north lived in a home at 409 West Rollin Street, Wisconson. This has been restored into a museum. Sterling North published his most famous work, Rascal, in 1963. Sterling North's maternal grandparents, James Hervey Nelson and Sarah Orelup Nelson, were Wisconsin pioneers. After graduating from Edgerton High School, he earned his way through the University of Chicago and began his writing career. He wrote for The Chicago Daily News, The New York World-Telegram and Sun, and for many magazines, including Reader's Digest, The Atlantic, Esquire.

    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    the best pic of ruthefird


    Leaf Arangment


                                              This is a Leaf Arangment for my science

    Monday, January 4, 2010

    Leaf Arrangement

    A compound leaf is several leaflets attached to one stem.
    A simple leaf is leaf attached to one stem.

    These are simple leaves in a whorled arrangement on the stem.

    These are simple leaves in an alternate arrangement on the stem.

    These are compound leaves in an opposite arrangement on the stem.

    These are compound leaves in a alternate arangement on the stem.

    I hope you have enjoyed my blog im editing