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  • you namet hun: March 2010

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    These are mine.

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    He is so big!!!


    the three whales im talking about are the Sperm Whale BlueWhale and Toothed Whales .

    The first whale is the Sperm Whale their favorite food is giant squid the squids min length of 43 feet long the whale has to go 2.5 miles under water to find his prey. to go down deep it has to take a huge breath wich he(or she)stores it in his muscle.

     The Blue Whale is bigger then the biggest dinosaur ever found on Earth. The blue whale would out weigh 32 elephants. All it eats is tiny plankton......Krill.

    The Bottlenose Dolphin can tell if theres wood plastic or metal in the trainers hand by clicking that sound transfers thru there melon,the head of the dolphin, hits the object and comes back diffrently. The Bottlenosed Dolphins is also known for saving people.

    All whales are fascinating.

    And fat.

    I hope you have enjoyed my blog im editing