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    Friday, January 8, 2010


    I just read Rascal and its a great book by Sterling North. Sterling  is a person who loved to explore, and never gave up. His book is a story of 1 year in his life as a kid. His dog Wowser found a stump that had a racoon family in it. Sterling took one of the babies and raised it in his home. This young boy was raised by his dad. He had a brother named Herschel who was away fighting in WWI. He had 2 sisters who had grown and moved away. With no one to look after him, he was very adventurous.  Of course, Rascal, his pet racoon, was always with him. At the end of the year, Sterling sets Rascal free. Rascal finds his mate, and lives happily ever after. This was a really good book even though the part about letting Rascal go was sad.

    Sterling north lived in a home at 409 West Rollin Street, Wisconson. This has been restored into a museum. Sterling North published his most famous work, Rascal, in 1963. Sterling North's maternal grandparents, James Hervey Nelson and Sarah Orelup Nelson, were Wisconsin pioneers. After graduating from Edgerton High School, he earned his way through the University of Chicago and began his writing career. He wrote for The Chicago Daily News, The New York World-Telegram and Sun, and for many magazines, including Reader's Digest, The Atlantic, Esquire.

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