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    Tuesday, February 23, 2010


    Maiden Hair

    Ostrich Fern

    Adiantum Pedatum


    Fiddle Fern

     California Polypody

    Holly Fern Woodsia

    Ferns like living in moist areas like under the sequoia trees in California. Ferns can even grow in redwood tree bark. Ferns are very old. The leafy branch of a fern is called a frond. On the bottom of a frond you can see little growths. These are sporangia which contain spores that grow into a heart shaped plant called a prothallus. The spores are seeds and can grow into plants. The spores float in the air until they land on the ground and grow into a heart shaped plant called a prothallus.



    1. Wow Simeon! Those are awesome pictures. You should enter some of them in the county fair in September!

    2. These are from the web.:(

      Tomorrow I'll have my own pics up. (Simeon)



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