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    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    strawberry net plant protector

    Moles can be pretty troublesome and kill plants but you can stop it %50 percent of the time.
     you will need:
    1strawberry net
    some batting(enough to cover the bottom)
    2 paper napkins
    1 cup dirt
    1 small pice charchoal
    1-11 seeds(optimal)

    First put the batting in the strawberry net next:
         Put two paper napkins over the batting then:
    Then put 2/3 cups of dirt on the napkin then:
     About the coal put it in the center then:
    Plant the seeds right by the coal then:
    Put the rest of the dirt on it then plant it like normal

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    1. Great to know! Does it work for gophers too? : )



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