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    Friday, September 3, 2010

    Whistler's Mother at the De Young

    Whistler's Mother is a picture from the movie Mr. Bean and its last visit in a America was in 1933. Its home land is Paris where it was origanaly painted by James Macniell Whistler who was American born. Whistler's Mother is a picture of blends of shapes, strokes and colors. Close up, it looks like foliage but far away it looks like this:

    The picture in the background of Whistler's Mother is an etching of his earlier work, the Black Lion Wharf:

    Whistler originally was going to have a younger model pose, but she fell ill. So, he turned to his mother for a model. She is sitting in the picture, because she is old and frail. Using different types of brush strokes, Whistler created both the detail in her face, hat, lace and hands, and the essence of her clothes, room and curtain.

    This is supposedly the 4th most recognizable work of art.


    1. That's funny--Doug and I just watched Mr. Bean for the first time the other night because we were tired and just wanted to zone out, and that movie was free on hulu. ; ) I did laugh out loud quite a few times. But it was really the story of what was supposedly happening to the painting that kept us glued to the screen, waiting in horror to see what would happen.

      It is an amazing painting, and don't you think it would not have been nearly as interesting if he had painted a younger model?



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